Save A Life Liberia is a Charity created to join the fight against poverty in Liberia, West Africa. It's mission is to help underprivileged people living in villages and towns by building homes for families who do not have homes, send impoverished children to school, and help provide some of the basic daily needs to families who cannot afford them. These are accomplished by helping families get started with jobs such as meat and poultry farming, tailoring, and selling goods in their local markets to help sustain themselves.


Decontee and Fatu live with their family. The family struggles to find food daily. Going to school is Decontee wish, but her parents cannot afford to send her to school. USD $30.00 will cover a year school fees and uniform cost for Decontee. 


Like most struggling families in Liberia, the Slobber family live in the house above which is old and worn down. There is no light, electricity, or clean running water. It will cost USD $3000 to build a new home for the Slobber family. 

The first house above is the home of the Sayoe family. The house was built with mud and sticks with zinc over the top. The home is very old and is at the stage of collapsing. It will cost USD $3,000 to build a new home for the Sayoe family. 

Archie is 7 years old, and lives with his mother. He has to work on the farm with his mother everyday. Archie does not go to school because his single mother cannot afford his school fees. USD $100 will send Archie to school for 4 years.

The sisters get water from a well using a bucket tied to a long rope. They carry the heavy water buckets on their heads and walk long distances to get home. With USD $2,500, Hawa, Fatima, and Baynue's family and their community can have a well with water pump which will give them easy access to clean and safe drinking water.  


Sawonay is a mother of three children who loads up the wheel barrel every morning to go and sell for a farmer so she can earn money to buy food. It will cost USD $500 for Sawonay to get started with a business of her own where she can sell goods like slippers, shoes, and clothes in her local market to sustain her family. 

Amina has to help her parents in finding money to buy food for their family. She is on her way to the transportation center to help travelers carry their luggage to earn money to buy food at the end of the day. It will cost USD $250 for Amina parents to start a poultry farming business to have stable income to sustain themselves and enable Amina to go to school.


Veronica lives with her grandmother in Zwedru, a town with a population of approximately 25,000 people. Veronica has some form of a disease that causes sores on her left leg which makes it difficult for her to walk. Her grandmother cannot afford the required treatments and medication for Veronica. With USD $300, Veronica grandmother can start producing soap to sell in the town market to enable her to take care of her family and be able to afford the treatments and medications Veronica needs. Veronica can attend school as well with the income generated from the soap.