As you may know, Africa is a beautiful place with breath taking views, landscapes, and natural resources. There are beautiful cities which provide luxurious living for those who can afford. With all these, there are never ending poverty in some countries and regions, with endless and senseless wars which break out at times. There is also the day to day challenges some people face. Families (including children) go without food some days. Some parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Some families struggle to sustain themselves.

My name is Putue Teh. I was born in Liberia, West Africa. I created Save A Life Liberia eleven years after leaving my country and establishing myself in the United States. I currently work as a Medical Assistant and I am in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science to further my career and become a Physician Assistant. When I was fourteen years old, I was given the opportunity, together with some members of my family to move to the United States after living on refugee camps in a neighboring country called Ivory Coast. This was due to the deadly Liberian Civil War which began in 1989, and lasted through 2003.

I was born during the war. As a young child, I experienced the hardships and harsh conditions of poverty. At age 8, I was added to the family work force to work and help support our family. I would work on the farm from early morning to dark, and carry heavy loads on my head to sell in the market. Sometimes when my only slippers I owned was damaged, I would walk in the swamps, bushes, and streets with no shoes. My family lived with no means of getting clean drinking water. We drank water from the creeks and streams. Finding food was our everyday struggle, and some days we would go without food. We lived in a house built with sticks, mud, and palm branches roofing. The Liberian Civil War took everything my family owned and life was very difficult.

Coming to the United States was a blessing. I have used the opportunity to obtain education and started my career in the Medical Field in 2015. I will like to use the blessing and opportunity to help some underprivileged families who are struggling back home. I created Save A Life Liberia as a Charity to join the fight against poverty in Africa. I will like you to get involve and join me on this rewarding journey to make a difference in the lives of those that need it the most. Support Save A Life Liberia charity cause by making a donation of any amount, and hundred percent of your donation will be use to help fight against poverty in Liberia, West Africa. You may join us on our upcoming trip to Liberia in 2020, as we build homes or families who do not have homes, and help them get started with jobs to sustain themselves. Thank you for your generosity and kind heart. 

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