According to the World Bank, 54% of the population of Liberia lives below the poverty line. 2.1 million are unable to meet their basic food and non-food needs. The Word Food Programe recorded 1.3 million Liberians living in extreme poverty. These are numbers and statistics that could be changed with our involvement. As harsh as it may sound, some parents in Liberia cannot afford to send their children to school. Some families live in old and worn down homes, with no access to clean drinking water. Some days, they go without food.

My name is Putue Teh. I was born in Liberia, West Africa. I moved to the United States at the age of 14, after living on several Refugee camps with my families for 10 years due to the Liberian Civil War. Eleven years after leaving my country and establishing myself in the United States, I created Save A Life Liberia (SALL), a Charity, to help join the fight against poverty in Liberia, West Africa. Currently, I am able to help some children and families by saving money from my monthly earnings. I am looking to expand the charity and help as many people possible. 


As you may know, Liberia had a civil war which began in 1989 and lasted through 2003. It also went through the recent Ebola outbreak in 2014. These two events were disastrous and left the country and the people in ruins. Although there have been many strides through hard work to rebuild the country and restore the dignity of the people of Liberia, there are still a lot to be done. There are children who have to struggle along with their parents to survive because their families lost everything during the Liberian Civil War. They lack the opportunities to attend school or live descent lives. 

My families went through the struggle of surviving during the war before moving to the United States. Coming to the United States was a blessing. It gave me the opportunity to create a better life for myself. I have made it my goal to help others who are in need. I began doing so at the age of 20 when I got my first Full Time job. I have built homes for my families in Africa, and helped them got started with jobs which they now use to support themselves. This led me to create the charity. I will like to do the same things for other children and families who are struggling. 

I have planned to travel to Liberia in 2020, when we will begin building homes for underprivileged families who do not have homes, start the process of sending impoverished children to school, as well as provide some of the basic daily needs to families who cannot afford them by helping families get started with jobs such as meat and poultry farming, tailoring, and selling goods in their local markets to help sustain themselves. My goal is to help as many people possible. As the charity grow, we will expand and work in other regions/countries in Africa. With more support, Save A Life Liberia can have greater impact on the children and families who are struggling to survive.