Save A Life Liberia is a Charity created to join the fight against poverty in Liberia, West Africa. It's mission is to help underprivileged people living in villages and towns by building homes for families who do not have homes, send impoverished children to school, and help provide some of the basic daily needs to families who cannot afford them. These are accomplished by helping families get started with jobs such as meat and poultry farming, tailoring, and selling goods in their local markets to help sustain themselves. Below are projects you can contribute toward funding. To contribute to a specific project, learn about the project and contact Save A Life Liberia by e-mail at or by phone at (707) 803-1427. You may also donate on the website and include in the comment section a message and the name of the project you would like to contribute towards. Thank you for helping save lives in Liberia, Africa. 

Women living in Zwedru work tirelessly daily to provide for their families. They take on the tasks and responsibilities to feed their children but find difficulties in doing so most

days. The Tailoring Program gives women skills in sewing clothes to enable them to start their clothing businesses where they can produce clothes to sell in the markets. Currently, there are 15 women in the program who need sewing machines and the materials. It will cost USD $200 to provide sewing machines and sewing materials for each woman to start their sewing businesses. 

Above is the water supply system for the Chedepo Grebo Village. The system supplied water to the entire village before the war over 20 years ago. It was destroyed during the war and was never fixed. Now, people in the village get water from the streams and creeks for drinking. The system could be renewed, and the entire village will get access to clean and safe drinking water. It will cost USD $10,000 for the repair or a newer water supply system. With this, the Village will reduce the number of people who get sick from contaminated drinking water. 


Chicken and eggs serve as major protein sources which are also major sources of income in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. As part of Save A Life Liberia Families’ Self-Sustaining Plan, families in Monrovia are assisted in starting their poultry farms where they raise chickens and other fowls to sell the chickens and eggs and earn incomes to support themselves. Parents could use some of the income earned from the poultry farms to send their children to school and save some money for future use. Families are

given chicken coop building materials, chickens which are at the stage of laying eggs, and feeds for the chickens initially. Poultry farming supplies are needed for 20 families in Monrovia. It will cost USD $190 to get a family started with raising and producing chickens to sell. Families start earning major incomes within 2 months after starting their poultry farms.

I currently have a yearly student funding budget of USD $500. With this amount, I am able to send 25 children to school each year. I will like to include more children who parents cannot afford to send them to school. My goal is to raise the budget by USD $500 each year with more support. 


Soap is an essential household item used throughout Liberia for basic house cleaning, dish washing, bathing, and clothes washing (laundry). There is huge potential to earn income in soap production. Twenty mothers who are raising their children by themselves in a town called Yekepa, 25,000 residents are taking on the production of soap which they can sell in their town and surrounding towns and villages to earn income to support their families. It cost USD $155 to provide the materials needed for a family to start producing soap. Once given the soap making materials, the families can start producing soap and start earning incomes to support themselves within a week.


Jahgedehmon is the center of 15 surrounding villages. There are 5 homes in each village and about 6 people in each home. Jahgedehmon Village School will help families and their children who travel hours from several villages into bigger towns. The school will enable the families to stay together in their villages to work and earn sustainable incomes. The school will have 6 classrooms, an office and an auditorium, serving about 200 children.  It will cost USD $1,500 to buy the roofing materials for the school building, USD $1,500 to buy cement for the flooring and plastering of the school building walls, USD $500 for building tools, USD $500 for doors and windows, USD $1,000 for building planks and sticks.